2×6 Arm Chair Selected for Art Show


The 2×6 Arm Chair is selected for the annual recycled art show that is organized by the Re-Store every year.The chair will be on display and for sale for $200 during the show.

Opening reception Saturday April 13th, 6-9p
The dates of the show:  April 13th – May 8th
Address: Blowing Sands Glass Studio
5801 14th Ave. NW. Seattle, WA 98109

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2×4 chair Mk II


Another project this winter was to refine the design of the chair and stools. The back of the chair always bother me a bit. I let go of the idea to be able to create these with simple tools and ripped the boards on the table saw under an angle. As a result it looks more like puzzle pieces coming together and the back of the chair as a board less.



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2×4 Chair Makes Classroom Material in Memphis TN

Zac Cannon, high school teacher  from Memphis TN,  uses the 2×4 chair plans for the his class.

Zac teaches Precalculus and he is currently working on PBL (Project Based Learning) scenario for his class. This is part of the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) initiative. The students need to be able to give all the missing measurements on the angular cut pieces from your 2X4 chair. They will use their trig skills and law of sines.

Zac found me via the Facebook page.  I was excited to see this use of the plans. Maybe one day, when the school has the possibilities, the students can build the chairs and sell them as a fundraiser for the school.

2×4 Chair Another Hit at Auction for Slide Luck Pot Show.

The Slide Luck Pot Show is an organization dedicated to building and strengthening community through food and art. I attended some of the earlier events back in 2001 here in Seattle. Now they happen worldwide from Austin to Venezuela. What I personally liked a lot about how Casey organized the events, was that everyone participated,  you either brought food or photos. This was the first fundraiser. It was an honor to have a 2×4 Chair as one of the auction items. More info about the  SlideLuckPotShow on the website: http://www.slideluckpotshow.com/