2×4 outdoor furniture

Here is the first post with a little bit of background on the 2×4 outdoor chair. 

I started building my own furniture after I could not find affordable modern outdoor furniture.

Being from the Netherlands and with a back ground in industrial design, I was familiar with the work of Gerrit Rietveld. His crate chair was the kind of chair I was looking for and I started building one. I modified the design a little so it would work with 1×6 boards. When it was finished it appeared not sturdy enough for the needs of my kids who used it upside down and side ways to climb on. Also, the 6×1 boards were not the readily available while 2×4’s are.

So I started building prototypes with 2×4’s and did lots of iterations in sketchup. My guidelines were that it had to be very easy to build and assemble and made out of 2×4’s. So I only used straight cuts, and screws to put the pieces together.

The result is a simple sturdy chair that is easy to build from readily available materials. I built mine from recycled wood from the re-store which brings some extra character.

2x4 Outdoor Furniture Photo


4 thoughts on “2×4 outdoor furniture

  1. I really like the set! I’m looking at the bench plan and need to know the angle degree for the upright where the back is attached. Is that 27 degrees?

    • Thanks Mary, the angle for the bench back is actually more like 15 degrees. I never measured it, it’s the result of making the cut long enough to fit three 1×4 boards on it. The seat of the bench is also leaning back 7 degrees just like the chair. Good luck with your project.

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