2×4 chair from Seattle WA: Your design reminded me of the bomb-proof bunkbeds.

Marty just finished building her chair and posted a picture online. It looks really good. She also points out correctly that the 1.5 inch screws are too long for the back pieces. 1.25 is long enough. I will update the instructions to reflect that. And yes, the 27 degree angle for the blacklegs, I just do with a regular Skill saw. Here’s what Marty had to say about her 2×4 chair.

Finished building your chair 2 days ago.  First piece of real furniture I’ve built.  Your design reminded me of the bomb-proof bunkbeds I helped my dad make out of 4 x 4s when I was a kid, so that and the sleek design inspired me to make it.

I found that 1.5 inch screws were too long to join the back boards together.  They would punch through to the front of the boards, so I switched to 1.25 inch.  Nothing wood putty couldn’t fix.

The warnings to make sure the sides and angles matched were very helpful, maybe you could point out some times in the assembly where it is also helpful to check to make sure things are square?

Also, I’m curious–when you cut the 27 degree angle for the back legs, did you rip it lengthwise on a table saw or just do it with a regular Skill saw? That’s the only one that didn’t seem to work on my chop saw.



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