Makers proudly show off their chairs

One of the best things this project has brought me is to read how proud people are when they make a chair.

Brian wrote: “I’ve made two chairs and the small table, really enjoyed it. First time I attempted something like this.“ Later I learned that Brian build the chairs using a jig saw (!) from one of his neighbors. The cuts are of course not so clean and Brian mentioned that “the uneven look adds “character”!”. For the table, Brian asked the lubber store to cut the pieces at the right length as indicated in the instructions. This, I though was a great tip for other makers. Picture soon to follow.

Jim from Illinois posed the picture shown below on the 2×4 Chair Facebook page and Brian from Canada posted some awesome pictures of his chair and his family on Flickr. Also see linked copies below in this post.

And of course, I‘m always flattered to read the comments from people like Jamie, Executive Design Director from Detroit: “As a designer, I appreciate the design of both your designs and the design of your plans.”


Scarboro Gothic

2x4 chair

2x4 Chair


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