This blog post shows a couple of different ways to make a modern table from 2x4s.

All designs follow the same idea as for the chairs with the legs sticking through the top.




How to build a table?

All tables in on this page can be built with these simple instructions:
step 1: create a frame for the top
step 2: add the top
step 3: turn the top and frame upside down
step 4: add the legs



With this model, many variations are possible. The one below uses 8 beams across and measures 28″x28″. The table height is 30″. The benches are 19” high and 20” long.

Simple Table

This variation has  a 2×6 in the middle. Height is 30 inches and length 5 feet. Height of the benches is 19”


Other variations that are shown in the images have the legs under an angle of 4 degrees.


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