2×4 Chair

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Modern furniture that is both affordable and well-constructed is hard to find. That is why I decided to design and build my own. After a lot of sketching and prototyping, I came up with a chair that can be built out of 2×4 boards and some screws. It is sturdy enough to withstand whatever my kids decided to do with it.  The chair was featured in ReadyMade Magazine in June 2010. Detailed step by step instructions, matching benches and tables can be found on the building plans page page on this site.

This chair is unique in its dimensions and fits very well in small spaces such as balconies and patios. Being only 26 inches deep, you can easily fit multiple chairs without feeling like there is no room for you anymore.

This chair has a unique comfort that strikes a balance sitting back and relaxing while not feeling like you have to make a huge effort to get back on your feet. Which makes this a great chair for a coffee place.


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studioviegers_Site (9)


The photo’s below show the MKII of the 2×4 chair. The goal was to create cleaner lines. The building plans do not reflect the latest changes yet.




Chair FootStool





4 thoughts on “2×4 Chair

  1. Really nice and simple. I’m going to download the plans and make a couple of these for our balcony. Before I do: Did you update the plans for the MKII version yet or are the changes minimal and easily reproducible using the photos above?

    Thanks in advance!


    • Hi Robert, thanks for your comment! the plans are not updated for the MKII version of the chair. Yes, the changes are easily reproducable with the photos on this site. Good luck wit the project!


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