2×4 furniture


Modern furniture that is both affordable and well-constructed is hard to find. That is why I decided to design and build my own. After a lot of sketching and prototyping, I came up with a chair that can be built out of 2×4 boards and some screws. It is sturdy enough to withstand whatever my kids decided to do with it.  The chair was featured in ReadyMade Magazine in June 2010. Detailed step by step instructions, matching benches and tables can be found on the building plans page page on this site.

11 thoughts on “2×4 furniture

  1. Saw this, liked it, couldn’t resist, made one (well three actually, my son & wife wanted two with a table). So, do you want to see a photo; it’s a slightly modified design. I promise it’s smart looking

  2. I purchased your plans for the 2×4 chair, but decided to make on modification; I added an extra back board (1×4) to slightly widen the whole chair- along with making the appropriate changes in width to the seat and under-bracing. This makes for a VERY comfortable chair. I am now working on one more mod for my wife who is a YOGA instructor – I am keeping the new width and removing the legs altogether for a meditation chair.

    Thanks for the great plans. Very worth the $5.00 charge.

    Rod Schuster
    Denver, CO

    • Thank you for your comment Rod! I love it that you modified the design and made it unique. Very curious to see what the Yoga version will look like without legs, maybe you can share it with other makers. Goodluck with your project! – Sander

  3. I got my first issue of ReadyMade last month and was excited to see the 2 x 4 chair. I immediately went to my shop and made one. I had some “recycled” wood from a remodel at a local school. The first one wa so easy I quickly made three more! Made all my mistakes on those four but they still turned out pretty well. Family loves them. I decided to lower the lower back support to be even with the back pieces so that the completed chair hasa a “vent” between the seat and the back. Also, I cut a 5 degree angle on the bottom of the front legs to make all the legs level. Cutting the angle before assembly helps.

  4. Love Love Love this chair.
    Have I read this (in)correctly- “B. Rear Leg cuts at 27 degrees”? My 27 looks nothing like yours.

    • Hi Jeffrey,

      Thanks for your message. Good to hear you like it, even better that you’re making one. Yes the 27 degrees is correct, i just double checked. Measure the angle between the back and the side where the cut is. If you use a miter saw, that would be 63 degrees. Most saws don’t do this. Good luck with your project. Maybe you want to send me a picture when you’re done?

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