2×6 Arm Chair Selected for Art Show


The 2×6 Arm Chair is selected for the annual recycled art show that is organized by the Re-Store every year. The chair will be on display and for sale for $200 during the show.



The dates of the show:  April 13th – May 8th
Opening reception Saturday April 13th, 6-9p
Address: Blowing Sands Glass Studio
5801 14th Ave. NW. Seattle, WA 98109


2×4 chair Mk II


Another project this winter was to refine the design of the chair and stools. The back of the chair always bother me a bit. I let go of the idea to be able to create these with simple tools and ripped the boards on the table saw under an angle. As a result it looks more like puzzle pieces coming together and the back of the chair as a board less.



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Makers proudly show off their chairs

One of the best things this project has brought me is to read how proud people are when they make a chair.

Brian wrote: “I’ve made two chairs and the small table, really enjoyed it. First time I attempted something like this.“ Later I learned that Brian build the chairs using a jig saw (!) from one of his neighbors. The cuts are of course not so clean and Brian mentioned that “the uneven look adds “character”!”. For the table, Brian asked the lubber store to cut the pieces at the right length as indicated in the instructions. This, I though was a great tip for other makers. Picture soon to follow.

Jim from Illinois posed the picture shown below on the 2×4 Chair Facebook page and Brian from Canada posted some awesome pictures of his chair and his family on Flickr. Also see linked copies below in this post.

And of course, I‘m always flattered to read the comments from people like Jamie, Executive Design Director from Detroit: “As a designer, I appreciate the design of both your designs and the design of your plans.”


Scarboro Gothic

2x4 chair

2x4 Chair

2×4 Chair from the Empire State of New York

Jeffrey from the in the empire state of New York just send me a picture of his 2×4 chair. Jeffrey had found the 2×4 chair in the magazine and he decided to build one. Nice work Jeffrey!

And BTW Jeffrey makes great rugs too: http://alemanmoore.com/


2×4 chair featured in Ready Made Magazine

The 2×4 chair is featured in the June / July issue of Ready Made Magazine as well as on the web site.

The chair pictured here was the first one I made. It was shipped to ready made and painted red for the photo. I really like how it turned out.  I made this chair out of recycled wood and that also explains the  hole in the leg. Somehow this hole disappeared in the picture in the printed version…


The Making of the 2×4 Chair

Building the Rietveld Crate Chair

I started building the Rietveld Crate Chair.  The instructions are in the book: How to Construct Rietveld Furniture. It’s a nice book and also gives some background on the chair. It was part of the Crate Furniture series from 1934. The Crate Furniture was designed to build yourself, there are only straight cuts. The  idea being that everyone should have access to well designed furniture. This chair most closely matched my own design goals.

I built this chair from standard size 1×6 cedar boards and made it a little higher, matching common seat height of easy chairs. The end result was not as sturdy as I expected. I added a board under the seat to bring extra stability.

2010-05-16 022

Modifying the Crate Chair

In this modification I took out the arm rests and make the seat and back rest on the frame rather than hang it in between. The result is sturdier and easy to assemble. The proportions look a bit odd though.

2010-05-16 009

Introducing 2×4’s

The 1×6 boards I had been using were not as affordable as 2×4’s. I had also figured out how to build a table out of 2×4. Connecting 3 2×4’s from all three directions gave the corners the right stability. Exposing the ends of the bars gave the table a distinct look.


The idea behind this chair was to make it look like a table with one end folded up to make the back. This chair was not as easy to put together. It sits actually more comfortable than the chair I ended up with. To support the seat and the back, a couple extra pieces underneath are needed. This did not create as clean of a concept as I wanted.

2010-05-16 029

Final Version

For the final version I broke with the idea of the same direction for the seat and the back. There are no additional support bars needed. What You See Is What You Get.

Shown here is a brand new 2×4 chair. The chair also fits standard size 18″x18” cushions!

2x4 Chair2x4 chair with cushions

2×4 outdoor furniture

Here is the first post with a little bit of background on the 2×4 outdoor chair. 

I started building my own furniture after I could not find affordable modern outdoor furniture.

Being from the Netherlands and with a back ground in industrial design, I was familiar with the work of Gerrit Rietveld. His crate chair was the kind of chair I was looking for and I started building one. I modified the design a little so it would work with 1×6 boards. When it was finished it appeared not sturdy enough for the needs of my kids who used it upside down and side ways to climb on. Also, the 6×1 boards were not the readily available while 2×4’s are.

So I started building prototypes with 2×4’s and did lots of iterations in sketchup. My guidelines were that it had to be very easy to build and assemble and made out of 2×4’s. So I only used straight cuts, and screws to put the pieces together.

The result is a simple sturdy chair that is easy to build from readily available materials. I built mine from recycled wood from the re-store which brings some extra character.

2x4 Outdoor Furniture Photo